SimPLL Updates.

Latest Update V1.40 (12th November 2010)
This update adds the non-inverting active loop filter.

To update from an earlier version download Includes all previous updates.

Update Instructions: unzip to extract the files, follow the instructions in readme.txt

Update: V1.31 (28th March 2007) - features added

  1. You can now specify a single frequency PLL, just specify the same frequency for the Min and Max frequencies
  2. The Transient simulation for this case then does a power-on simulation from the 0V VCO frequency (Note it will show the starting frequency as 0Hz)
  3. The frequency fields now have an autoprecision feature whereby they remember the precision of the value entered, up to 7 digits

Update History

Tabulated phase noise data does not work for reference oscillator library files fixed in V1.1
Occasional convergence error in time domain simulation fixed in V1.2
Functioning software starts displaying error:
"There is an error in the SimPLL installation. The program will have to
be reinstalled. Error Number N = 125, M = 0."
fixed in V1.2
Added Reference phase noise plot
Program sometimes crashes when reference phase noise added - occurs when Warning 622 or 623 showing
fixed in V1.3
Added fixed freq capability (see below)
Added autoprecision on freq inputs
Added non-inverting active loop filter V1.40